Friday, February 4, 2011

The final day of the HOLESHOT tour came to a close today. Our day started off with sun and qualification rounds. The goal of the day was to do better in some way shape or form than yesterday. If it meant faster qualification times? or taking a chance that you wished you had taken the day before. If any one person had their sights set,it was Josh Cohen. Josh rode stronger and better than yesterday but unfortunately was one rider out from qualifying. Karen Kobayashi and Mike Perle were able to get themselves into the show. Karen was riding smooth and aggressive she found her way into semi-finals and earned a 5Th place finish. Mike blazed his way through berms that he had issues with. He also found the time to throw a back 360 on the hip in his run. Also earning his way into semi-finals he had a 7TH place finish. I am stoked that these athletes dug deep,set a goal and pushed themselves and achieved that goal.

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