Friday, February 11, 2011

Boreal Rev tour Slope

Stop 4 of the Rev Tour is over. With the warm temps and first-class parks and pipe, this event was a pleasure to attend. Thursday was the HP event and Phoebe Novello and Chris Tierney were the fortunate two to make finals. Both athletes went for it, going down while attempting the best runs they are currently capable of. Rolling the dice, if you will. It was time for Phoebe to bring out the rodeo and, had she stomped, it would have made her $1000 richer. 4th place and the knowledge that she went for it were enough consolation. Chris went down on a back 900 which he had not practiced recently but almost landed. 4th for Chris also.
Today's slope event followed in this year's tradition of sunny slope comps. Phoebe entered the event an easy favorite, but had to battle the course right up to her last run, which was a true masterpiece of planning and execution. Second place for the birthday girl!
Kyle Dorfman showed that style counts by earning the highest scoring run without a 900. He just missed the cut. Ezra showed up to play but overshot his front 10. Chris Tierney combined style and difficulty to breeze into finals. Two hard falls in practice almost ended his day, but he took his finals runs in pain. His second run may have been the best run by an injured rider I have seen since Torstien's X-Games big-air victory. Hunter Wood just made finals and breezed in to improve his final result from 12th to 5th, his best Rev Finish.

Second 2nd place at last two Rev Tours, Phoebe Novello

Ezra Racine

Finalist Chris Tierney

5th Place Finisher Hunter Wood

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