Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mikey Perle Grand Prix: Mission Accomplished.

Among a field of the World's Top SBX Racers Micheal Perle of Saddle River NJ and SMS Snowboarding placed fifth in Friday's time trials and did better than holding his own in Saturday's elimination heats. Saturdays first round of eight heats lined Mike up against the event's number two qualifier, (Olympian Graham Watanabee), number seventeen and number thirty. An action packed heat saw Mike cross the line first to advance well tested and warmed up, with confidence rising for the next round. In the second Heat Mike was lined up with Three current US Team members including Watanabee, Jason hale (another Olympic Team SBX'er) and SMS Alum Alex Deibold. After falling just behind in the start and first "Wu-Tang" features Mike rode hard and fast through three banks and over the first Step up jump to have enough speed for a pass attempt through the next step-to-pump roller to "double" to roller before the thirty foot tall bank (number 4)...That complex section was dubbed "michelin man" and Mikey P showed the speed and will to take the passing lane but just went a little too deep over Michelin to make that next big turn without a spin out. Going for it. Only way to move on in the Heats at this level of Snowboardcross. Couldn't be more proud of Mike's effort and performance at this major event. The Field included the last 6 X Games SBX Gold Medalists and the Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist pulled from the event due to undue risk. The banks were entirely necessary to make turns that headed fully across the hill in places and even back uphill from one to another. The double-pump-double sections of rollers between the step-up's, banks and step downs made this one of the most technical and Hairy courses ever built and raced upon.
Mikey P. over Wu number two
Mike was the Number Two USSA junior finisher and appears to have accomplished his mission here of securing a spot at the Junior World Championships in Italy this spring. Congratulations Mike and enjoy a well deserved rest.

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