Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back East and it feels so good.

Got back late sunday night and hit the ground running. MLK day was BX at Bromley. Not the best showing, 2 DQs and some tough take-downs leading up to a broken wrist (Cesar). Conditions were great though.
Today was another story though. MT SNOW IS KILLER! OMG! Perfect conditions and 4-5 well groomed parks, including the Dew Tour Park. James got busy right away and threw down professional-level runs through the big jumps (cab 5, back 7). I heard he was working back 10s off the big jump which is insane. Tikos landed his first back 9 and it was off a 45 footer.
It was cool to catch up with Austin and Brendan again, they are both riding well - nice job Redden.
Photos: Kevin Mattice blasting the X-Games cannon box and Erik Roomet late late late 50ft back 180 - trick of the day.
Rick sez whats up and he was pumped on today also.

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