Friday, January 2, 2009

SMS Training Resumes on the Eastside

Back home the break is over and I trained today with Mike, Chris, Austin and Brendan at Mount Snow. I spoke with Scotty J after the dev crew did some gate training with Mike Mallon and the racers Jackie and Big Z. They faced some boiler plate after a few training runs. The dev crew was in awe of Z and Jackies' abilty to hold up in these conditions, staying on line and ripping. Scotty drilled em up with some flex and extension work and their turns were sharper than ever. He said Makayla and Lena really turned it on after that. Hardcore. Good luck to that crew at Bromley tomorrow.
The Carinthia park was much as we left it. Same lines harder snow. A sick blue cold vermont morning for some legit switch backside focus. Everyone out there took off into switch back every run and the skill depth is thickening. The bottom three bigger jumps saw mostly styley three sixties with strong grabs and the rhythm section as well as the top jump was switch-spun all day. Brendan put down a large fs sev and scraped around a front nine. (highlight!) by the time I pulled out the camera- the sun was hiding a bit but the boys held it down as you can see. tomorrow we are back in there pushing the spins and teching the jibs as we prep for Sundays Main Event Contest at Wachusett. These events are always fun and it will be good reality check to provide focus for the regular january contest push. Wish us luck. I'll be back sunday night. 

ps the snow is piled and pushed, the scaffoldings are rising and the wagons are circled in theparking lot for Dew Tour. those features are staying up so get yer 1260 ready for some sixty five foot public access airtime. Peace. 

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