Monday, January 5, 2009

Young Pro-Ams at the Main Event

Wachusett hosted the second main event series contest of the year yesterday. The mountain was crowded like the old days and hiking the course was the best option for training and contest runs. The practice was kind of short and two runs on the very lifty jump did not help the young guns of the pro-am team gain a very spirited confidence. Chris T took a hard shot on his first run and took the day to recover. Mike P's first front five was not perfect so he had to do it again to make finals in his second run. Brendan C looked to be landing fs three but the granular landing sucked in his edge and Austins fs three on first run needed cleaning up as well for second run. The boys were a little disappointed but rallied to each land better runs in the second round. They learned again that you have to bring your confidence and commitment first thing in the morning at these progressive open age group contests. Brendans second run was much bigger and looked strong in the air but the landing not perfect- between seven and five. Austins three was also much bigger and cleaner and with a different grab. It was his best three of the week and I think helped his confidence though did not qualify for the finals.
In the finals the am division showed up the the pro's with a sick back nine and a double backflip that was landed but didn't podium- not quite clean enough. Those two kids won best trick over the entire pro field. Mike rode big and strong but his second run seven only turned to five- forty and that's just not enough to podium. It was good eye-opener for us and a reminder that the young guns of snowboarding are pushing the sports progression from the bottom up. The day will give us some good incentive to get a little tougher on ourselves as a crew if we are to get where we want in the season. There are some good photos to show that jump and how high up these guys had to go and still hang loose.

ps. Big Thanks to Chris Tierney senior for driving and backing the coaching staff through the day. that's community support.

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