Sunday, January 4, 2009

Contest Runs

First of all, gotta say sorry to the girls for the last photos.  I wanted van photos, but chose them off thumbnails and did not realize that Shelb and Em looked like zombies.  
Temps dropped today, but the sun was out and there was fresh snow in the park.  Nothing but park laps.  Copper is huge and mostly open yet the park rats know nothing of the Mt.  I would be ashamed, but the park runs are going so well.  Emily is landing cab 3s, India front 3s.  Erik is developing his cab spins on the bigger jumps and he continues to slay rails. Randall did 13 backflips.  Kevin has been trying to film a jump line for a week now but has not landed one to his approval, until today.  Lucky for him he has a sick filmer who captured the run up close.  Eric B has a banging contest run: Back rodeo 5, cab 9, front 7.  That line was filmed today too.  I am trying to upload the runs to the blog but having problems.  James now has back 9s again and is looking like a Rev Tour Threat.
Forgot to mention yesterday that Adam Schwippert is staying and riding with us.  Always great to have alumni come visit.  Hayley was here last night too, and Reid and the Shaws are here for dinner now.
Video downloads not going so well.  Will try to get them up tomorrow.  Here is another amazing photo for now.  

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