Monday, January 5, 2009

Clear and Cold

Sitting in the condo with guest alumni Chris Waker, Jeremy Thompson and Adam Schwippert.  We continue to enjoy these appearances.  JT is healing up and starting to ride, Waker is shredding like always.
Cold day today, negative 5 in the parking lot this morning.  It did not stop us from pulling another full day of progressive ripping.  India is grabbing front 3s, Emily is running back 1, cab 3, half cab on a small line, and Kevin and Erik are developing jump lines while slaying the rails.  I missed a lot of the Elite Crew's action, but saw that James has backflips and back 9s and Eric has 2 or 3 different Rev tour runs, all bangers.  
Cam and Alex are our wounded soldiers right now.  It's tough to sit out on all the action, but they should recover quickly.
Photo is Eric B back rodeo.  I think the video is up too.

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