Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday in the park

Now here is a good photo of Emily to make up for the last one.  Also a killer photo of Kevin Mattice gapping over the end of the d-f-d.
We started our day stuck in a traffic backup for about 45 minutes.  The road out of Breck gets narrow and a simple collision screwed things up for hundreds.  We arrived around 10 and realized that although temps had risen, winds made for a third straight day of real cold.  Guess what, that didn't slow us down.  Park laps until 3 with a short lunch.  Emily and Eric B are super-hungry.  Em has some nasty new rail skills.  Eric threw down his contest run flawlessly at 2:45 with a strong wind blowing.  Oh yeah, he also took his new Rodeo 5 to 720, large and stomped.  Erik Roomet is close to landing a legit jump line and he is always good for 3-9 rail bangers a day, just keep your eye on him.
Tomorrow I head down to Silverton Mt with Randall, Tikos and Eric.  We are meeting up with our friends from SASS.  They are guides at Silverton and should take us to some amazing lines.  New snow is falling and it looks like we picked the best day to ride there.  Not sure if we will get web service there so the blog might be quiet for a few days (Dave Redden).

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