Sunday, January 11, 2009

Silverton and USASA

Been a few days since I posted and lots has happened.  First of all, I am so upset to hear that Connor Hudson rebroke his collarbone.  Such a bummer, ruined my day.  Hang in there Connor, we will make up for it.
Last Wednesday I took Randall, Tikos and Eric B down to Silverton to reunite with Randall's saviour Alex Hunt and our friend Skylar (pictured left).  Alex and Skylar are the SASS avalanche guides and they are the head patrols at Silverton.  The resort is amazing, check the website.  Alex and Skylar were excited to see us and vice versa.  We had a great day at Silverton, blue skies and fresh snow.  Alex and Skylar showed us around and we had a positive, safe day.
We got back in time for a Colorado usasa weekend.  Slope on sat.  Highlights included Erik Roomet landing a legit run, Mattice second place, Beauchemin third in Open class and Emily third in her group.  Halfpipe today saw Joe Mensch in first, James second Open class, and solid riding by the girls.  Jen is going bigger now and has solid style, as does Sadie.  Shelb went for a back 3 and slammed, but almost went 5.  I think she realizes how to throw a spin now.
The big jump line opened the other day at Copper and its a bit scetchy.  We skipped the bigger jumps yesterday, but today Thomas Tikos inspired us all to hit the big one (see photo).  You have to point it from a great distance, and TTK did just that.  Spun it second time hitting it and got us all to follow him.  Randall backflipped the first jump which was insane.  Yeah KMS!
We are out of Breck, into La Quinta.  The place is nice, but Breck was amazing.  Being in a hotel has me starting to think about the east coast again....
YEAH ELLERY!  Third at Dew Tour.

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