Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Work




Wow, break flew by. Nothing like a 8am to 4am travel day to start 2010. The good news is that our travels went smoothly. I love traveling and working with Mr Redden! Dude got a Sprinter up out of the unplowed SMS back lot yesterday morning, at which point I knew there was no stopping this crew. Airports were back to normal, all flights on time, and Dave and I knocked out the 3 hr Reno to Mamm drive like true road-warriors (no speeding, just pure focus).
Once again we found quite pleasant lodging in the Village, a great base of operations.
Sunny and sick this morning as we head to the hill. I will save this draft and post it this afternoon with pics and shred news.

BACK 360

Great first day here in Cali, although we heard about the 20 inches back home. 40 degrees and sunny here, and all I brought out was a puffy! The event pipe and slope course are still being built (they look sick!) so we rode the smaller park and pipe. Hot laps was the call today, gotta get the crew back in ripping form. That was quickly achieved. We also had time to keep it fun, which we did by working on handplants and new spins/tricks.
Pipe practice from 10-2 tomorrow and all are hungry! Wondering what I will see, Jenn Cohen cab 7? Joe cab 10? Hunty (his foot is feeling good) 10s and chucks? Much is possible.
The Kevin Pearce situation hangs over the event and our trip. I have known and respected Kev since he came to OMS in the early 2000s, so I am in need of piece of mind too. I spoke with Ellery who told me to stay positive and to tell others to do the same. Perfect advice from an amazing young lady. Sort of like when Randall was buried in the avalanche, I have a feeling that if anyone can come through this crisis, its Kevin Pearce.
Enjoy the pow back there you lucky east coasters and wish us luck!

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