Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Quick Tribute to Dave Redden

Dave Redden has been raising the bar in coach performance this year and is hitting his stride here at the Grand Prix. He has immersed himself in tuning technology and spends hours tuning, experimenting on his own boards, waxing in the Grand Prix intensity , purchasing wax and gear, and sitting in with the US Team tuners at night. That is on top of maintaining order, transporting athletes across the country, coaching his ass off, filming, and creating blog magic. Here's to you Dave Redden!
Shred Redden exploding a stylish skate style ollie over the Volcanic rocks of Mammoth getting the Shot! Who would ever know this dude is in his forties and has two kids? Im so glad he is traveling with us! - Hunter Wood

Dave Redden has been shredding Mammoth to its fullest, looking like one of the boys, and has been creating some of the best lines on the trip. Every ride up the lift he gets super pumped and finds crazy new spots. Riding with Dave this past week has brought back some good memories. Its nice to know when a coach gives you advice, you know he can go out and actually show what he's talking about. Dave took on the waxing and tuning job like a true pro for the Grand Prix, making sure our boards were perfect for the contest. Thanks D RED you're the man- Joey Mensch

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Anonymous said...

yeah, now that your killing it out there, we want our coach back here! come back daveee!!
kiley and phoebe