Saturday, January 23, 2010

GATORADE free flow tour

The Gatorade free flow tour hit Killington this weekend and the weather could have not been any better. The crew took some park laps to get their legs warmed up and with all the new fun terrain most forgot that they were at Killington for a pipe contest. At the end of the park run everyone was treated to a perfectly cut half pipe. It wasn't very long before people were dialing in their contest runs, and it was on! Randal had some of his biggest air to fakies I have seen him do,check the photo you be the judge. It was also cool to see Josh Cohen and Oran Pearce in the mix for the men's finals. As I sit here and think about today,the only thing better than the weather was the team comrodrie and overall sportsmanship the SMS team had. Cheering each other on and pushing one another was what makes this job so great!

JR JAM 2nd place Maverick Shaw

Men 1st place Mike Pearle

Woman 1st place Phoebe Novello
Woman 2nd place Kiely Kennedy
Woman 3rd place Karen Kobayashi

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