Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a quick look at the Heart of the Contest Season

 Here is a photo montage of the Mount Snow Rev Tour, a report on the 1/18 SVSS SBX event and Great News about the Sunbowl Park. The news is that Sunbowls newly built large feature Park is well laid out and fun. "The Large Park" has  a butter box, a nice straight rail line and three jumps in the twenty five- thirty five department on the way to a nicely shaped 17-18 foot tall and very long halfpipe on the sunbowl USopen Pipe pitch. The fresh snow marginalized tech- park and pipe training but maximized the freeride turnshape training which was very refreshing after so many days in the contest venues. So its fairly old news that the girls swept the FIS REV TOUR Pipe podium. The usual suspects Tierney and Perle were once again dual discipline finals qualifiers. So sick. Sure sign of a rider's rider. Well they were joined in that feat by Kiley Kennedy who took fifth in Pipe and Slope. You will see her switch- on boardslides below and a mean backside air in the pipe shots as well as being my segue- Kiley was one of our SVSS SBX winners on the MLK Day Race at Bromley yesterday. And once again joined in success by Mike Perle who made his own triple crown of acheivement. The same could be said of the Shaw family- Triple Crown that is; Spencer, Serena and Maverick all won their races at Bromley. In fact SMS brought fourteen competitors and won eight divisions. Not bad considering the overlap of our ages, the 122 competitors from around the country and the sweep of one division. I was more impressed with the domination of this SVSS event than I can remember being or I expected. SBX is alive and well. It was great to see all the racers out. Thanks to the team for an action packed week since California...





Jenn Cohen Silver in Pipe and Steeze.

Gatorade Freeflow at Killington this weekend, we'll get you caught up. Thanks for "reading"

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