Monday, January 18, 2010

Rev Tour Mt Snow


I have been on snow almost daily since early Nov and I can say that today, at Ragged Mt in NH, I got my first powder turns with my Nephew Finn and his family.  It was much needed.. Sadly I could not get my surf-style pow slashes or shoot tree limb pipelines without some suffering in my park-tenderized back and feet.  Oh well, the torch can pass to Finn!
Looking back on the Rev Tour, some immediate highlights come to mind.  Seeing Shelby, Serena and Jenn on the Podium for HP was really cool.  It will be tough to see Jenn and Shelby graduate, and its nice to see a young new rider following those two.  Spencer Shaw continues to ride strong and placed third in mens HP.  He also won $250 for being the only rider to land a 1080.  Although he didn't agree with pipe and its dimensions, he had his way with it.  Other SMS riders to make pipe finals include Kylie Kennedy, Chris Tierney, Joe Mensch and James Haffner.
Sunday's slopestyle found the crew a little beat up, with more hardship in store.  Sore parts plagued the crew, but Kylie, Joe, Mike Perle, Chris Tierney and Hunter Wood all made slope finals.  No sooner than practice opened I recieved a call to come down to jump 3 where Chris Tierney had sustained a concussion.  It was a nasty looking impact and we all feel for the Tierney family.  Our riders somehow avoided the podium on Sunday, but will come into the next event strong and hungry.  A big shout out to Joe Mensch, Kylie Kennedy and Chris Tierney for making finals in both Slope and Pipe, and to the Podium sweepers, Jenn, Serena and Shelby Simpson.

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