Friday, January 29, 2010

Status Report

As we go into our first USASA weekend I thought a quick Elite Men Status Report was due.  Its been a busy, progressive past month that has taken a toll on this tough team.  Tricks and lessons have been learned, and patience has been cultivated as well.  
As you can see from the photo, an injured foot has healed and ERIC BEAUCHEMIN is back!

JAMES HAFFNER still struggles with pain in his foot, but has taken some time off and will be riding at Okemo this weekend.
JOE MENSCH has weathered all storms and continues to ride slope and pipe with equal intensity.  He may be jumping a pink bar in this photo, but he ain't no sissy!

HUNTER WOOD incurred a separated shoulder and concussion in the past month and has had to suffer on the sidelines.  Stay strong Hunter, lots of winter left!  He will be riding this weekend.
CHRIS TIERNEY took one of the worst falls of the season a few weeks back and is just getting back on snow.  He rode well yesterday and it was great to see the Tierney style back.  He will be competing this weekend also.
SPENCER SHAW is riding so well, whether he admits to it or not!  He stepped right to the big jump line at Stratton and has landed some of the best runs that park will see before the US OPEN.
RANDALL STACY is in top shape.  His style and rail skills are a pleasure to witness, and he has been developing stylish switch backside spins.
MIKE PERLE is hitting his stride, and I can attest to his style, progression and unwavering focus this year.  After winning the last Gatorade stop, Mike is geared up do some damage at the upcoming comps.
IAN KIRK has worked through a sprained right ankle, and a bruised left ankle this season but manages to limp along and even enjoy some urban shredding with the kids in his spare time (photo by Tikos).

In closing, I  enjoyed a day with the Pro/Ams last week.  The crew is fun to ride with and skills are developing.  Hudson has tricks for days.   I witnessed Cam have some of the best slope comp runs in his life.  Landy might be the World's Best Riding Partner, funny and energetic.  Kyle Dorfman guinea pigged the jumps for us and landed smooth backside 180s on jump 3 (pictured).

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