Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bromley By Storm

There were only two inches of fresh snow when we arrived but there was a good six inches on the side of the course when I left the Bromley Mtn SBX Track at the end of the day. The weather may have slowed the course but the results were more of the same for SMS as we saw Southern Vermont Series title's clinched by Josh Cohen, Maverick Shaw, Karen Kobayashi, and Meghan Tierney. These were the two day in a row champs of their age groups but we had great racing again by the whole crew and most of the team probably qualified for nationals with their strong two day performances.
Rather than list everybody's second thirds and fourths I just want to say I'm proud, lucky and grateful to be up there with these guys and gals. Most impressive improvements for me were Scott Sweitzer and Jack Griffin learning from day one what they earned a chance to hold onto in day two. These guys each looked like seasoned vets in their final runs of the second day. Not just winning the holeshot in their age group final heat but holding on for silver medals against fast smart competition. Thanks fellas.
Final Note: Meghan 'Pitbull' Tierney flexes her tuck like a world cup sbx racer. I can't wait to see if there is a twelve year old girl out there that can hang with this one. WAY TO RACE. Overall final heat winner.
Griffin and Cohen leading the Youth Final

All SMS Breaker Boys Final 

Knees to chest? Check.

Stale-fish in the Gulch, compliments of Xander Raith.
Today we went back to work at Carinthia for the fast approaching Slope and Pipe events taking place this weekend. Some funny glazed corduroy mixed with some late am grooming to make for a nice day getting back on jumps and rails. Tomorrow we ride Halfpipe and hike, and ride halfpipe...

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