Friday, January 14, 2011

An Honor to see Ellery Honored

I'm writing this quick update from Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Most know that I love NH and feel the vibe as soon as I cross the Connecticut River. WIth all the new snow the drive was scenic, making travel a pleasure. It will be our first taste of Wednesday's storm and we can't wait. Hunter, Phoebe, Quincy and Connor are with me for the first Main Event slope event.

We all just arrived back from Portland last night. On our way out of the city our friend Travis Moore arranged for a tour of the Nike offices in Portland. I could write a two page blog on that tour alone, but wanted just to share a quick highlight. All the buildings are named after sports icons and the walkways are lined with plaques and banners for Nike's endless list of famous athletes. My eyes were peeled for one in particular and before long we stood below it. What an honor to see Ellery Hollingsworth's image in one of the largest athlete shrines in the world. Snowboarding, much like Ellery, has come a long way.

Bonus shot of Hunter Wood at Rev Slope