Monday, January 17, 2011

Single Digits, Clear Eyes, Pure Hearts and A Legit SBX Crew @ Bromley

Breaker Boys All SMS Final
Southern Vermont series was back in action today at Bromley Mtn and SMS showed up in uncommon force. An SMS competitor won every age-group we had an entry in today. The kids that were home this week for training were well prepped and well waxed and made the most of the opportunity to get ready. The kids who came back from Rev Tour SBX in Oregon were practicing in a much more technical course and likewise took their opportunities for great time trials and strong heats. Highlights include Josh Cohen's survival of a hotly contested first two turns in the youth men's final. These boys all held the line and two riders came clear of a dust up. Josh passed the other survivor out of that pile in the final features of the course. Josh also took third in the overall Heat. Karen Kobayashi had incredible starts and flexion that helped her run faster out of each feature she pumped. KK took her age group and the women's overall Final Heat as well. She was followed by strong races from Marian Lobell in the youth wmns group and chased hard by Breaker Girl's Champ Meghan Tierney in that overall Final. Meghan was followed in third in her age group by Liz Hernandez.
Scott Sweitzer won starts all day
 The Breaker Boys from SMS took the top five spots in the days largest age group category. Maverick Shaw won the day in that group and was challenged by Xander Raith in second, Scott Sweitzer in third. Andrew Tousignant and JP McArdle followed in fourth and fifth and I can tell you these freestyle guys were looking solid out there running heats with the seasoned SBX crew. Those are a quick highlight show but it was great to see all of our riders making it clear through their first heats after trials and get to keep running the track and get the experience of a crowded line. Little gets the heart racing like having your line challenged and holding it out there at full speed in the single digit weather. I was very proud to be part of the crew and glad they all had their chances and successes. Tomorrow we are back at it on the same track in some very different weather. But once again the forecast calls for a GREAT DAY OF SBX.
Liz H in lane 1 on rt. Meghan T in lane 3

Josh Showing that championship form.

whatzup pitbull!

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