Friday, January 21, 2011

Specncer Shaw QuaIifies first into Dew Finals

Spencer Shaw is having a GREAT winter. In his first two months alone he put up results that would make his year, and he isn't stopping. The startlists for tonight's Killington Dew Tour HP Prelims were short and exclusively big names. It was an honor just to see Spencer and Serena's names on those lists. The weather was cold, and visibility was short due to snowfall. Time for VT riders to shine. Both Shaw's charged the icy pipe and, although Serena just missed the cut, Spencer came out way on top. Ahead of #2 by over 5 points at one point, Spencer enjoyed the evening with an early, safe lead. Wish I had some good photos to post, but all you would see would be snowflakes. Enjoy the short video instead and witness Serena Shaw's frontside spins with your own eyes! Big day tomorrow, but much of the victory was achieved tonight. Oh Yeah, Jeremy Thompson made the cut to slope finals today too. Great news for all us JT fans out there.


Dave Redden said...

That's hilarious that I can't even see the run from the top of the pipe. Can't you call time out or something?They should redo this in the summer, it would be easier i bet.

Anonymous said...

cant even see the video nice job