Monday, January 24, 2011

Carinthia Weekend Number One: 2011

Spectacular riding in cold weather pretty much sums up the weekend of USASA/Southern Vermont Series contests at the Carinthia Parks of Mount Snow. The coaching staff is proud to be a part of a crew that shows its love for snowboarding every time they get the chance. We see it all week long, day after day, week after week. When the bibs come out and the competitors line up and the temps don't rise it's no distraction to that part of the field that has the passion every day. Thanks for the effort, the courage and the smiles.
As usual we travelled in style to train all week.
When the results posted each day we had the usual suspects winning multiple podiums from the elite crew. Names like Wood, Tierney and Novello being called have become how we know the standards remain high. It was great to see Connor Hudson riding healthy and strong again after a few bang ups in the past couple seasons and a small one to start this year. It was also a nice view of Kyle Dorfman styling the slope course out.
While our series is always the best run series in the country it's too bad the judges missed that run. I can't see any other way he was 12 points out of third place with a Cover-worthy backside 180 to stomped sbs 540 to front seven jump line. Its supposed to be how you do what you do that scores and luckily Kyle knows that and will keep his runs focused and clean week after week. Again I love our series and understand that these things happen. I just want our kids to understand that just like a riders job, a judges job is difficult too. We all come back week after week because this is what we like to do.
Karen K warming up with a sweet FS Mute
There were also some exceptionally strong signs from some newcomers to the team. Tanner Barret dominated his age group by winning both events on his home mountain. A historical note on Tanner's home Mountain versus the rest of our "Home Mountain's". Tanner's dad has been working in the Mount Snow ski school for possibly twenty years as well as building stone walls in the summer. TB is from generations of Southern Vermonters that go back all the way. I don't even count and say "second or third Gen local", I mean all the way. It's a rarity and a testament to the school to have kids like him with us. Its just plain to cool to ride with em and his work ethic goes way back too. He earned his medals riding hard day after day, the weekend is a topping. Keep it up.
Second year athlete and rising multi discipline star Karen Kobayashi had another double podium weekend splitting Golds and Silvers with Makayla Tierney.
Xander amping it up with his first hit BS Air
 Another multi-discipline athlete whose star is on the rise is young Xander Raith. This winter term shredder took two silvers out of the huge breaker boys division followed each day by partner JP McArdle.
JP practicing it just like he did it on saturday FS Three-Tail
Young pitbull Meghan Tierney continued her winning ways with a sliver and a gold. Though no stranger to SMS Meghan is also a first year team rider and she goes huge BTW.
I could go on all day about my Dev Crew. Im super stoked on their enthusiasm and work on the hill but I'm going to leave out all the just missed podiums from those young guns.
Im pretty sure newcomers Peter Cerulo and Ezra Racine took medals home for pipe yesterday but the results are not posted yet for pipe. These guys shred and you will see their names weekly if I know anything about anything.
alright alright-Ezra is the kid who landed a front ten in the Hood Rev Slope event last week. Fifth place in his first Rev Tour? Yikes! Peter is the first threat to Chris Tierney's lock on King-of-style title which he wrestled from Haffy Hafner which he wrestled from Jeremy Thompson which he wrestled from Chris Waker which he wrestled from Danny Davis...
You can see what I mean...Peter Cerulo flattening it.

We got a new Kitty. Lulu.

I know I left some people out but not if you read this...I am super excited and proud of everybody's efforts and hard work out there. That pipe was scary hard in the single digit afternoon yesterday. First heat slope on saturday, you guys had it too easy, dont get used to that kind of course. That was as good as it gets in the january "minors" so Im glad everybody ripped so hard. We know it aint easy putting on a bib. Keep showing up and i promise you and you alone will get the rewards.

Huge congrats and bows-of-awe to Spencer-Certified Mac-Shaw and Jeremy-Stompsy-Thompson. The world showed up to compete and or watch the Dew Tour this weekend and you two guys beat or impressed everyone but five people on the entire planet in Halfpipe and slopestyle.
Whoa and behold two young men loving their runs.

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