Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mt Hood Meadows OR Rev Tour SBX.

Marian Lobell , Josh Cohen and Michael Perle getting ready to battle the weather.

The rain decided to come in for the snowboardcross event at the Rev Tour. We had four SMS athletes compete. It was Josh Cohen's, Karen Kobayashi's and Marian Lobell's first Rev Tour SBX. They all rode hard, improved their speed every run and earned some FIS points. Michael Perle also competed and was ready to race on his new Oxess board that he has been training on.

In time trials Josh placed 24th. Marian 13th. Karen 4th and Michael Perle 2nd.

Due to weather and the delay they decided to take 16 men and 8 women to the heats instead of the normal 32 and 16.

In Karen's first heat she when down and wasn't able to catch up to the leaders. In the girls consolation heat Karen got out front and won the heat for her 5th place finish. Karen rode some great lines down the course and carried good speed through the banked turns. 5th at her first Rev Tour SBX is a great result.

Michael Perle was on fire all day. His board was running fast thanks to Scotty J. He rode smart and made some clean exciting passes. In the final heat he was battling for second most of the race as he was being blocked until the step down were he flew by the other rider. He did not have enough room to catch up and battle for 1st but gave it his all. Congratulations to Mike on his first Rev SBX podium.

I enjoyed working with the sbx riders and sharing the knowledge that I've learned the last few years competing in this discipline. I'm proud of them all and look forward to the next events.

Michael Perle on the podium receiving his 2nd place award.

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