Friday, August 21, 2009

A Day With the Pros

Things going well down under. Yesterday I enjoyed a late (9:30) wake up, worked out in an empty gym, skated downtown, ate lunch with Liz and Ellery, swam in Lake Wanaka, then hit the hot tubs with Ben Boyd and the ISTC. Video of the entire day coming soon. Today I caught a ride up to the hill with Olympic Medalist JJ Thomas. We got there early and his crew was slow motivating so I hiked to the top of the Mt where I took photos and got my meditation on. From there it was hot laps in the slope course by myself, getting some tricks and style back. Relearned switch back 5s and landed some good combos (for an old schooler like myself).
Throughout the day I connected with old friends who I used to coach and are now top riders. As the photos show, I ran into Ellery, Hannah and Elijah Teter, Scotty Lago and Shayne Pospisil. We all go way back and its amazing to run into them on the other side of the world where we are all snowboarding for a living. All in all a very rewarding, positive day. Loving my job, my place in life and those who support me.

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