Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Journey Continues

Went out for a great coaches diner on our last night at Speight's Alehouse. We invited US Rookie Coach Bud Keene and went out to shoot pool afterwords. After hearing me say over and over how bummed I was to be leaving, Bud invited me to stay with him through the World Cup to help him out a bit. What an honor! Mallon helped me negotiate the terms, allowed me to get back to SMS a bit late for the 10 season, and changed my flight for me. So, another 10 days in New Zealand!!!!! It should be an amazing experience to help Bud at the World Cup, and it will certainly help me develop as a snowboard coach. Plus I should get to see more shredding from Lizzy Beerman.

We got our bags out on the front lawn this morning to await our hired trailer, only to have a taxi cab show up instead. How they expected to get 13 board bags and 13 duffels into a taxi is beyond me and it blew Mike's mind to say the least. Luckily we had a good window of time and they sent out a trailer that made it here in. That was the only hang-up of the trip and it was managed. I dropped the crew off at the airport and returned to the empty condo. Sort of sad, but pretty nice to be in a three bedroom condo by myself after 2 busy weeks.
Wish me luck, I assure you I will enjoy myself. A BIG thanks goes out to Mike Mallon and Bud Keene for helping me develop my skills and allowing me an amazing get-away.

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