Thursday, August 13, 2009

NZ Open day 3, Halfpipe Pre Quals & Quals

While driving up to the mountain this morning, we hoped for good weather, but it didn't look too promising. With clouds and fog hanging low it looked like another rough day. But as you can see in this first photo that tikos took, too our surprise we popped out of the clouds and had the pipe as clean as can be with the sunrise glistening in the background! And the day only got better for our pipe riders. As the day got started with the NZ open Pre-Quals for the men, our boys stomped runs. In heat one, Michael Perle took 27th and was going HUGE, as you can see in this photo Tikos snapped. Joesph Mensch took 16th, missing the cut for the Qualification rounds by 2 spots. In heat two of the men, Hunter Wood took 26th, Chris Tierney came in 14th with smooth and styled airs (as you can see in this photo tikos got), and Spencer Shaw narrowly missed the cut off, taking 13th place. After the men rolled out the pipe, the women were up and destroyed it!!! For the Qualifications rounds our girls stomped stomped and stomped some more. With our guest coach LIzzy Beerman already pre Qualified for semi-finals, she helped girls get ready for their runs; photoshoots with tikos was one way. Serena Shaw came in 19th place, Shelby Simpson in 20th, Phoebe Novello in 27th, and Makayla Tierney in 32nd. Overall, with the sun finally shining, and our pipe crew killing it, the day couldn't of been better. Tomorrow we kick off with Slopestyle Semi-Finals for men, Slopestyle Qualifications for women, and Semi-Finals for Women in PIpe. Check in Tomorrow to see what went down!!

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Anonymous said...

Painful truly painful not being there. Pics are sic and the riding looks fun. Riding the pine: not so cool...but I am building a stone wall that may outlast me.peace in the northeast.