Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sunny down unda/KMS arrives

As you can see from this photo of Shelby, the day started cold, clear and with an amazing sunrise. The morning lead into a clear sunny day and we arrived early to a fresh-cut pipe. The next 3 hours were a blur of pipe runs from 14 riders. Lots of getting readjusted to pipe riding for some and linking tricks for others. Shelby jumped right back into it with style and confidence. James was chomping at the bit and by noon was landing 8ft back 5s, and back to back 7s. Hunter Wood also boosted back 5s and took some hard slams like the solid young man he is, laughing them off. Spencer Shaw continues to impress me, today's highlights being front 10s in pipe and a monster backflip 180 at day's end. Speaking of backflips, on our last run I had about 13 of the kids and we enjoyed a mandatory backflip session on a small step up jump. Everyone attempted a flip, some more successful than others. Shelby and Lizzy got about halfway and folded, but their fitness behooved them. Phoebe got the biggest cheer with a full flip that she didn't seem to expect, she landed on her butt like she was sitting in a chair.
The park is shaping up, tomorrow should be epic. There are plenty of features to work with, including the hip that you see Connor Hudson blasting below.

No sooner did we get back than I heard from Tikos who was waiting at the airport with Randall (redundant, I know). Good thing he facebooked me because I thought he was coming in the next day. I ripped over to the airport with Lizzy and we scooped them up. They are tired from days of travel, but excited to shred tomorrow.

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