Monday, August 10, 2009

Hardest Working Team at Cardrona

I realize the sunrise coverage might be getting old so I will spare you all the photos and details of today's banger. It seems the best sunrises do not translate into the best weather on the hill. Any complaints would be criminal though, this camp is amazing and the kids make the most of any weather. Today was a great example. We expected the park to open for slope practice but no such luck. We got a good look at the park though and were able to plan lines and practice the desired rail tricks on similar featrues in the park that was open. These kids have great style on rail/box features which is something we don't give them enough credit for. Its not all just jumps in slopestyle. The style and technicality that James, Hunter, Tierney, Hudson, Randall, Spencer and Tikos brought to the rail line made me proud today. Speaking of style, check this Japan air from Randall Stacy!

Over at the pipe dull light and solid conditions made for tough training, but Mallon tells me the kids worked hard and made some progress regardless. Shelby is linking her 5s, Joe almost stomped a cab 10, Mike Perle is landing 9s, Liz is mixing up her grabs on front 5s and I saw Serena Shaw execute a nice front 7. Chip Linton (who was the jumper in yesterday's bungee photo) is improving in the pipe, especially his frontside airs.
TIkos brought his camera up and worked his magic with the flat light. Check this shot of Joe Mensch. TTK has the eye, I love this photo!

NZ Open begins tomorrow with registration and slope practice. The crew has done all it can to be ready, which makes for a good night sleep for all. While the resort is crowded with pros and teams, there is no doubt in my mind that our crew are working and shredding the hardest. Were I a grommet at Cardrona I would go home and beg to be sent to SMS. Wish us luck in the following days.

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