Saturday, August 8, 2009


Sunrises like these can send you to work at any job with a smile and positive attitude! Unfortunately this was the best part of today weather-wise. We got a jump on the day and arrived earlier than normal only to be greeted by dull, cloudy, grey skies. Snow conditions were choppy and visibility was low. The first run through the pipe was dicey and vertigo was the word of the day. We kept at it until noon even with steadily increasing winds. Gotta know when to call it and call it we did. Back to town for a hilarious skate session with James, Randall, Tierney, Hunter and Hudson. There was a great vibe at the skatepark. The locals were cool and there was a sound system and some funny dogs running around. Then we rolled across the street for smoothies and headed back home for dryland. Tomorrow is our day off and we have some good activities planned. All for now!

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