Sunday, August 9, 2009

From dropping in to dropping Off

Let me tell you the SMS snowboard coaches have it pretty good down here in sheep-land New Zealand. Sweet cribs, great riding conditions and features, and fun, hardworking athletes ready to shred. To put the icing on the cake, they even have one of their own athletes doing writing the blog for them! My name is Thomas Tikos-Kadji, I am an alumini of SMS and I was given the chance to tell you about today and even share some photos I took. So check this out, just because we can't drop into the pipe, or jump off a 50 foot kicker, doesn't mean we can't drop off a bridge!! Today the SMS crew took the day off and went bungy jumping off a bridge 30 meters below water so cold, it made skinny dipping in Alaska seem warm. Loading the cars at 9AM we headed over; Randall stacy, Joe mench, Hunter Wood, Chris Tierney, Scotty Johnson, and other riders strapped up, tied up, held their breath and watched as each one screamed like little girls as they plummeted 30 meters down.

After everyone's adrenaline rush's came to a rest, hunger kicked in. Scrambling back in the cars, we headed to Queenstown where we chowed down on sushi, burgers, and other delicious foods. With our bellies full, a bunch of the guys and girls craved more action, and decided to head up the gondola and race the luge track. There were winners, losers, and even some battle wounds from Joe Mench and Randall Stacy; good times all around though. Those who didn't go luge racing roamed around town, enjoying the warm sun, the sound of the waves, oh and the shoe stores; With new boots, lizzy walked the walk and shelby talked the talk with her new hat.

After a long day of jumping bridges, shopping, and eating, the sun began to set and we made our way back to the crib. All and all, a day off with the SMS snowboard crew is a day off like no other. Tomorrow its back to slaying the snow and getting ready for the NZ Open. I'll be shooting photos of the team tomorrow so be sure to check us out tomorrow. PEACE Internet!


Anonymous said...

Great job TTK! And Ian too, glad to see the blog updated.

Anonymous said...

TTK all the way and making my day. i wish I was in NZ riding pow and mackin sushi instead of building my retaining wall- with ya'all.