Thursday, August 13, 2009

NZ Open Days 1 and 2

Did not have a chance to blog yesterday, spent the entire day on the hill, 8 to 4. It was slopestyle pre-quals and quals, which got changed to just qualifiers because of crazy weather. This meant that instead of cutting 70 riders into 25 and cuttting that 25 to 10, they just made a 10 cut on the initial 70. Needless to say thats a tough cut to make. Wind, fog and snow traded places accosting us throughout the day and the in-runs to the jumps became quite bumpy.
Got to make long stories short here as there is never enough time in the day for an in-depth blog. While Hunter, Tierney, Joe and Spencer all put in great efforts, it was Eric B who made the cut (7th) with tech rail tricks and a cab 5, front 7, back rodeo line.
Next up were the girls, Phoebe and Makayla. By this time the weather took a turn for the worse (if that is possible) and the comp was postponed after one run. Both girls struggled with their first runs which is no surprise when you can't see 30 feet down the hill and you are faced with 20 to 55 foot jumps. Second run for girls will be tomorrow which is nice because our duo gets another day of NZ Open competition, which they are loving.
Today was pipe qualifiers and slope practice for Eric. I had the Eric show and can assure you he is ready for tomorrow. Looks like he will be attempting a line with switch back rodeo 5, back rodeo 7 and front 9 or 10. The switch rodeo is pictured below.

Over at the pipe our crew threw down amazing runs and came up just short of qualifying. Chris Tierney was one out and Spencer and Joe were right behind him. Shelby landed her runs and left smiling.
Big day for Eric tomorrow as he carries the hopes of the SMS NZ 09 crew on his shoulders. He has already achieved greatness, but knowing him he has more to bring to the table. Check it out on GOTO11's website. Goodnight!

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