Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boreal Day 2

I was actually lamenting our departure from snowy VT 2 days ago. I no longer do as CA has welcomed us with unreal conditions. You saw the pow footy from yesterday. Today the sun came out and we had 2 parks and an amazing pipe, all with well groomed fresh snow. The kids went off. Some things I saw:
Hunter Wood's large back 9 in HP.
Phoebe Novello just off the landings of back rodeos.
James Haffner clean front 9s in HP.
Eric B stomping cab 9s with style
Later in the afternoon I headed to the slope course with Phoebe, Serena and Kiley. The girls stepped right to the jump line and by the end of the day Phoebe stomped 4 out of 4 switch back 180s over a 30ft jump and Kiley landed a massive half-cab method over the 35ft jump.. Both are pictured below, along with a large rocket air from Serena.

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