Tuesday, March 30, 2010


PHOTO Joe Schwartz RIDER Juicebox Stompson

Jeremy Thompson '06 One of the hardest working kids you will ever meet. Finals both days at the Open, no one does that anymore.


Our departure date for nationals is only a day away and we want to say thanks for a terrific season. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Colorado, and are psyched for the 27 SMS athletes who have qualified. Those who have qualified can be confident that the accomplishment alone is something to be proud of. For those who have fallen just shy, know that your season is not measured by national’s qualification, but by the work you have put into the year. From now until summer camp you can begin to prepare while others are still competing. Get a jump on it and make it count!

It has been a great year with lots of progression and podiums, but more importantly the kids are smiling, confident, and ready to wind down the season with one more fun event.

We will be meeting with the whole team today and congratulating everyone on a great year. Our message will be simple and we want to remind everyone that the effort they put in and the dedication they have shown will be the measure of their success this season. Nationals is one day in time and their worth as competitive snowboarders is far greater than any one day will show. While we wish everyone to have their best runs on these days ahead we have seen in the past that some will stand on the podium and others may not. Both deserve praise. Please assist us in these upcoming weeks by supporting our message. A conversation that you can have with your son/daughter that does not include snowboarding can feel very refreshing at this time of year. They all are putting pressure on themselves, remind them to have fun and enjoy the experience.

The USASA coaches and trainers association would like us to remind all parents that they are not allowed in the field of play. This includes start and finish areas, and judge or timing booths. Spectator areas will be well defined and we encourage you to cheer on all of those who are participating, and be models of good sportsmanship. Certified coaches are the only people who may have conversations with officials or judges during competition and we ask that you help support us here. As a reminder scores are opinions, and are never open for protest. We may check calculations, and ensure tricks were recorded, but we may not argue a score.

The forecast is for sun and 45 next week in Colorado and it should be an amazing week. Good luck to all of the competitors and travel safe.

See you at Nationals,


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