Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photo Desk Back Up and Running

Here is another view- or a few of the weekend...

Hunter Wood Face to face with series director/gold medal presenter/long time SMS snowboardingPD/snowboarding legend, Scott Palmer once again and all smiles.

How about them Apples!

Most Kids don't want to consider a mouth guard. Others might be embarrassed. Some don't admit they ever did use one.
Well Ladies and Gents...the Unflappable Phoebe Novello." HowdooIyook?"
Double click and you may just hear her.

Kyle Dorfman "spinning-on" for 1st Place Junior Men. Not next-to, not near but ON to the steel.

And finally, in case you did not notice it above: Makaylah Tierney is back in the picture.
Yay Mak T. Double click this and you might recognize a few others in this shot.

The Elite Crew is off to Boreal today for the Rev Tour. Check here for the news and in case you did'nt catch it Sully posted this past weekends detailed results. See below/ previous post.

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