Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rev Tour #4

We just arrived in Hood and my first look at Government camp in the winter. I am impressed. A foot of new and bluebird for the next ten with only a chance of rain on Tuesday. The crew of Jenn, Joe, Phoebe, Chris, Hun-t, Mikey and Jackie have some serious goals for this week and are sure to shake up the standings before the dust settles after this last qualifier for Jr Worlds. Currently the SMS Elite crew sits with five of twelve possible hp/ss objective criteria spots and there is room to add more. Jackie is also locked for SBX but is hoping to add to her lead in the Nor-am standings with three races here.

We figured the field would be diminished due to the conflict with the US Open, but it appears that only a few heavies headed back home for the big dance and the field here is still as deep. Our kids have been grinding it out all year and their recent success speaks volumes for the commitment of Ian and Dave and i am honored to try to fill their shoes. The level of shred is a testament to the hard work being put out and five of twelve is no easy feat. I am psyched to be here with this crew and was reminded of the level of commitment during our seamless travel day here. Pro all the way. On snow should prove to be more of the same.

While waiting for Phoebe, Chris, and Joe to get in from a later flight we ventured into Portland and stumbled into a Saturday festival on the river. We found trees in bloom, amazing food, sweet tie dye tapestries (that are now decorating our crib here,) and a slew of street performers, crafts, and Portland locals to pass our time. Great start to what promises to be a productive trip.

Got the kids knocking down some homework early so we can focus for a few days, no one even shrugged.

Some may have glimpsed at Louies triple dub run and Euro X games Bronze, but after that it was all business. Congrats Louie, im sure y'all will see it first hand in a week!

Ill keep you posted,


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