Wednesday, March 17, 2010

US Open



Its been an amazing intro to the US Open. Temps high, sun blazing and soft jumps/pipe. By the end of the day boots and socks are soaked and faces are sunburned. I can't recall a better start to this event.
After 2 days of Mens HP and SS pre-quals and quals, SPENCER SHAW and ERIC BEAUCHEMIN are still in the game, while Randall Stacy and James Haffner just missed the last cuts (and I mean just). Randall learned front 9s in HP and is stomping them in his runs. He may be allowed into the semis, as he is right on the bubble. James is landing killer runs, but small slip-ups kept him from advancing.
Eric qualified easily today, only to break his nose on an edge catch between jumps. He will be back for quals tomorrow, swollen face and all.

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