Sunday, March 7, 2010

Here is the wrap up and results from the Boreal Revolution Tour.

Boardercross was on Friday and the heats were stacked. If you noticed US Team outfits that's 
because there were 3 US Team men and 1 US Team women that showed up to the BX. Fresh from the 
Olympic games were Jayson Hale, Alex Diebold, Pat Holland and Faye Gulini. But our finely tuned 
SMS athletes were ready for the challenge, all getting great times and making it through time 
qualifiers and into heats. Rubbing is racing and there were some big crashes, narrow misses,
great passes and photo finishes, check out the results.

March 5th Boreal Revolution Tour Boardercross

7th Kiley Kennedy

6th Spencer Shaw
19th Michael Perle

Sunny and sick, the halfpipe was perfectly groomed and ready for shredding. 

March 6th Boreal Revolution Tour Halfpipe

3 Serena Shaw
9 Jennifer Cohen
19 Kiley Kennedy
22 Shelby Simpson
28 Phoebe Novello

4 Spencer Shaw
5 Joseph Mensch
11 Hunter Wood
13 Michael Perle
15 Randall Stacy
22 Chris Tierney
40 James Haffner

The slopestyle course was perfectly maintained by the Boreal park crew with supervisor and 
Vermont native Lane Knnack leading the charge. The weather pattern shifted through out the day with
a little light snow at times and some flat light but the Northern California sun shined through
the majority of the day. 

March 7th Boreal Revolution Tour Slopestyle

7 Phoebe Novello
8 Serena Shaw
10 India Stephenson
11 Kiley Kennedy

4 Eric Beauchemin
8 Spencer Shaw
12 Hunter Wood
14 Joseph Mensch
18 Michael Perle
24 James Haffner
45 Randall Stacy
62 Chris Tierney

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