Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunny and Sick

Meadows at Mt Hood is going off! The view from the meadows side up onto the glacier is mind blowing. We are used to seeing it from the south in the summer and the slightly eastern winter view provides a whole new perspective. It provided an exciting ride up the access road and a perfect back drop for our day. The snow was 8-10 of day old velvet with wind blown stashes to slash and sunny skies and 40 plus degrees to boot.

The park featured a fun jump line with back to back 45's(our crew didnt even glance at the small sides) and a 35-40 ft. step up into a couple mellow rails and a wall ride that can be taken several different ways. Jackie even stepped right to it and after i showed her where the knuckles were and how not to do it, she blazed the line with ease. Everything was butter and the whole crew linked sevens. Some of the highlights were Phoebe's smooth bs 3's over the first jump and Hunty raising the bar with a bs rodeo up the step up that would of had had T Rice drooling. Jaws were left open.

The pipe was soft and friendly and everyone stepped right into the game. Jenn put down 3, cab 5 by run three and had the contest run with 3, 3, 5 in place by run five. Phoebes had 3,3,5,5 flowing like vt sap in the spring and the boys amidst all of the slope slaying made time to put in all of the pieces needed for productive, progressive pipe runs. Mikey and Joe were crushing and both had nines and lofty airs. Hunty and Chris hiking for the last pieces right at the end let me know these kids are on a mission.

We were at the counter at Huckleberrys by 2:30 and the shakes taste better in the winter than in the summer.

Official practice tomorrow.

Fun times, more to come.


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