Thursday, March 18, 2010

Final Rev Tour

Two for one. Yesterdays halfpipe saw great riding from the whole SMS crew. Hunter, Mikey and Phoebe just missed but rode solid and all will have GP spots locked for next year. Jenn, Joe and Chris all rode in the afternoon big dance. Jenn started off with a smooth stylie roast beef to method to 3 cab 3, fs 5, melon, air fakie nose and sick cab 5. She got just edged out by .1 and will make a good argument for a jr worlds spot sitting in 4th for the day and 5th for the overall. Joe got bucked his first run but came up smiling and landed a monster nine only to be ousted by the ever changing stunt ditch. Chris stepped right into the stacked finals and came through charging into huge airs and 3 different sevens for an outstanding 5th place.

Sbx was today and bluebird and 50 was the call. Mikey qualified 21, and made a brave move into the 2nd turn in his first heat but ended up odd man out when the dust settled. Jackie smooth and confident all day continued her tear, and after being .3 out on her first run, smoked the field by .9 on her second and lane choice for the day. Smooth sailing through heats 1 and 2 and onto the final. In the final jackie missed her pull but stayed on target and climbed into second through turns one and two. She hung in ISTC star Carrie Urens draft until the final turn ala Seth Westcott and passed Carrie with just feet to the finish.

Amazing day of racing and headed into Nor-am practice in the am.

The boys and Phoebe hiked the pipe in between cheering on Mikey and Jackie. Here is what went down.
Joe back to back nines, and back in full form. Chris had Michaelchuck attempts and bs nines so close. Hunter bunch of front nines and a front ten in the books. Phoebes bs five 2 ft out grabbed and clean with some bs seven trys. Game on.

Fun times and more to come. Congrats to the crew at home riding tough and representing. Be sure to head up to the Sunbowl and cheer them on.



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