Thursday, March 4, 2010

Elite Team in Boreal

We arrived safely in Truckee, where I gave the crew a long talk about buckling down on this trip and gunning for the podium. With that focus in mind we rolled out this morning and became slowly aware of a major change in the day's mission. The mandatory chain station was our first clue, the blinding blizzard our second. We were one of the first in the Boreal parking lot, which was calf deep. We got our training tickets and immediately ran into east coast legend and Boreal Park Ranger LANE KNNACK. We were informed that the park, BX course and HP were buried and most lifts closed. Bummer right? Wrong. With the mt to ourselves, we gorged on pow. Its hard to film on such a day, but I squeezed in a few clips of RANDALL, JOE, pow slayer MIKE PERLE, and KILEY KENNEDY. Back to that focus tomorrow......


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Dave Redden said...

That's a bummer that you guys went all that way and it snowed so much.Looks like a real drag flipping and riding straight over trees. probably gets all in your stuff and stuff too.