Monday, December 15, 2008

20 below

We woke today to a thermometer reading 10 below at our house, with reports of 20 below at the hill.  Tikos, Shimp, and Joe were feeling under the weather but the rest of the crew headed to Copper to be pleasantly surprised by blue skys, a great pipe and leftover powder.  The conditions made the weather quite tolerable and by noon temps had risen to the zero level.  I actually felt it was one of the best days yet.  We lapped the rail garden to the halfpipe all day.  I had a tight girls crew working on new rail tricks, switch bombing down the groomers and edging and amplitude in the pipe.  Cam Howe, Kevin Mattice and Erik Roomet acted as guest coaches on the rails while developing their own new tricks.  
India continues to impress me with her work ethic and toughness.  She is not afraid to slam and pay the price of progression.  She wants to run with the rail guys and does a great job of keeping up.  I would say that she is the female version of Kevin Mattice, committed to the sport and the program, fully driven and full of positive energy and focus.
Practice for the Dew Tour starts tomorrow.  Rick will be taking Jenn, Alex and Joe over to get first tracks in the freshly opened pipe.  The rest of us will head to Copper to continue with more of the same.  
Our adventures with acupuncture continue.  Cam Howe, who had suffered back pains since this summer, went for his second session today.  The kid is tough and does not let on to his pain level, but those of us who have had back injuries know what he is going through.  His current mission is to heal up.  
Hoping the weather has improved back home and that power is back to all!

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