Friday, December 19, 2008

The Tikos Touch

Today Tikos was inspired to shoot some photos on the hill.  The attached shots of Sadie (who is ripping in the pipe) and Kevin (who is ripping anything put in front of him) are just  a taste of his style.  He has an amazing eye and could easily develop into a legitimate photographer.  
Similar program today, mens quals went down with Joe, James and Bayer all riding to their full potential and landing 900s.  While they did not make the cut, it was not due to lack of effort or focus.  James jumped on the bus to Copper after his runs and learned backside 540s.  Once again, he chooses to learn tricks 7 feet out of the pipe and makes it look like he has done the trick for years.  Tons of style and control with that kid, and slams do not phase him.  Kevin Mattice, the Jersey park rat, now has a nice pipe run with back to back 5s and a front 7.
I have enjoyed 3 or 4 days of riding with the girls squad (Simpsons, Lena, Emily and India).  They are a blast to ride with.  Full of funny energy and down to progress, easy to coach.  Shelb is getting a nice front 3, Emily is grabbing backside 180s, Sadie is solid in the pipe, India is getting switch back 180s, and Lena was tailblocking and boardsliding with style.  
Two more days left which will be spent at Breck checking out the Dew Tour.  Liz and Ellery are still in and will be competing tomorrow.  
It was our last diner of this leg of the trip with our cook Dan.  BBQ chicken, mmmmm.  We got him a Christmas present to show our appreciation.  It was a gift certificate for a massage.  He has never had one and is excited to indulge himself.   We also had two guest dinners with us tonight, Mike Hahn and Dan Feldman.  The place erupted when they walked in and we all enjoyed hearing stories of their world travels.   Seeing alumni so happy to visit makes me realize how cool SMS really is.

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