Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last Day of Fall Camp

Today was the last day of fall camp. Jen Cohen and Shelby Simpson competed in the Chevy Grand Prix qualifiers and while they did not make the cut, they recieved praise from Ross Powers who said they rode the hardest he had seen them ride all week.
The rest of the team headed back to Keystone for hot laps in their first-class slopestyle park. There was a great 3 jump line and more box/rail features than I could count. James Haffner, Eric Beauchemin and Hunter Wood put together great 3-trick lines on the jumps and showed that they are ready to compete. Cesar is riding as hard as the next guy, and progressing very quickly.
While the camp has been one of the best fall camps I have been to, there was one unfortunate turn of events for Connor Hudson who sustained a minor fracture to his collarbone two days ago. He is a tough kid and is in great shape. We expect a speedy recovery. Wish him well!
The younger crew heads out tomorrow with Scotty and Dave and should be back to SMS around midnight. We hear the weather and conditions are tough back home, but this east coast crew is not scared, ready to shred anywhere!

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