Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pipe Madness

What a fall camp! After a great day of powder riding we got back to work on halfpipe and rail skills. If I can say so myself, the coaching crew is on top of things. With 5 coaches on the hill, bases are covered and feedback is maximized. Rick's still camera made an appearance today, which means high quality photos are on the way. Scotty has a tight crew and progression is apparent on a daily basis. Dave Redden is fully sponsed and continues to break down halfpipe riding for every level of ripper.
The addition of Ross Powers is amazing. The guy is a true champion. The kids took right to him and he is very approachable. Plus he rips, so our coaching crew has the most clout by far!
My approach to the camp updates seems to be the highlight approach so here we go:
-Jin Wook riding 5 hours straight and boosting his new backside 540
-Jen Cohen with a large, smooth first hit in the pipe.
-Kevin Mattice stacking footy 1 week into the season
-Josh Cohen riding with the pros and developing each run.
-Erik Roomet displaying smooth Vermont style.
-Pheobe Novello straightening out her pipe line and beginning to boost.
-Cesar is on a mission. The kid is full of energy and fearless. Pipe and rails.
-Emily Pannkuk dialing her switch riding and getting rail footage.

At this point I would like to break from the highlight format and recognize our camp MVP, James Haffner. Today he hiked the pipe from 9 til 3. He would hike to his drop spot, strap in, drop in to something killer (McTwists, backside ally-oop 5s,Haakons, front 7s, 9s and almost 10s) and then hike right back up. The kid is ready for action next week at the Grand Prix.
Tomorrow is our day off and we plan on a trip to Denver to skate and shop. Aside from a few aches and pains, the crew is looking strong (a credit to D Red's dryland design).

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ok u guys rock ...thanks for the extensive update - beata