Sunday, December 14, 2008

Underclassmen Return Safely From Colorado...

It was dicey, there was doubt and delay but after our original flight out of DIA boarded nearly one hour late and we ran through the Baltimore airport to our final leg of flying we were not to be denied our return. We hit Albany a little late and had to scrape a half of an inch of ice off the sprinter before getting on the road. We took it easy in respect for the black ice warnings. The roads were dry for the most part but the hanging and downed trees made it clear that the ice was always closebye. Made campus around 1:00 am and I was home by 2:30. A clean run home after a great fall camp. Again many thanks to everyone involved. This crew did not want to leave and it was evident when I walked up to our first gate to see ten laptops out watching the live broadcast of Fridays Grand Prix: mens qualies. We saw Joe's first run from the window at breakfast before leaving and were all super stoked for Jin Wook's high scores being brodcast to us in the airport. Proof of his snowboarding dreams taking shape. Props to both young men for staying in the top half of their heat's against one of the heaviest Grand Prix fields ever assembled. So cool.
Props too to Mike Mallon and the SMS Racers who just landed three of four in the top ten at the Nor Am GS in Calgary Canada yesterday. Indrik, Jackie and big brother Big Z all rode fast and clean in 20 below weather. Today's slalom cancelled a couple of hours ago.
I'm putting in a picture of the ice that is still not melting here at home. Power is still out all over the deerfield valley and Ross was heading home to a dark house when I left him at SMS early saturday am. I'm going to put in some shots from Keystone's area 51 park that we rode thursday to cap off the trip. Sunny and sick as we are fond of seeing and saying. Also a couple of the logsliding development girls from weds. I had a great time getting to do some creative freeriding with these gals and I can tell you that the SMS womens snowboarding legacy is in good hands for the very near future as long as they don't start another level of US development teams. Big thanks to Rick and Ian carrying on in colorado. These guys are looking like the home team wherever they go and I can tell you it's not as easy as one might think rolling around the country keeping real training and health in the focus of of over a dozen highly charged high school shredders.
We are training on tuesday here in Vt and I look forwrd to seeing the kids again already. Peace

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