Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Highlights

All I can say is monday went off! Conditions are great, fresh snow, mild temps and a very workable halfpipe. Some highlights of the day off the top of my head:
-India Stevenson tailslide to front board on the kink box.
-James Haffner monster McTwist.
-James Haffner slamming a large McTwist and being tough enough to quickly shake it off.
-Mike Perle just shredding with power, style and tricks.
-Emily Pannkuk being the hungriest rider since James Haffner.
-Sadie Simpson already at her last-year level and ready for whats next.
-Kevin Mattice on a progression blitz in the pipe.
-Cam Howe getting tech and creative.

And thats just what I saw. Connor Hudson, Chris Tierney, Austin Schwyer and I ended the day with a heated two hour skate session. I think everyone will benefit from our day off snow tomorrow.
More soon.

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