Sunday, December 14, 2008

Post-Grand Prix

First of all, congrats to Louie Vito for his Grand Prix victory.  He has always been a great example for current and past SMS students.  He was truly up against the best and came out on top.
Second, thanks so much to Dave Redden for being the blog workhorse.  Great job Dave, I miss you out here.
Last night we received close to a foot of snow.  It is still snowing and will continue all week if the forecast is to be believed.  Today ended up being a powder day for the crew.  It was fun to rip around and explore Copper.  More runs open daily.  As I learned in Argentina this summer, our weak spot is pow riding, so you could easily consider today a training day.
The Dew Tour kicks off this week.  Best of luck to Alex Bayer, Jenn Cohen, Ellery Hollingsworth, Lizzy Beerman and Rick Shimpeno.  
Pipe was closed today but I expect it to reopen tomorrow with soft, forgiving transitions.  
We keep hearing about the disaster scene that is New England.  Hope you all have heat and power.  Hang in there!  
I heard lots of talk about how school starts tomorrow.  I think some kids need to get back into learning mode. 

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shra! rah! said...

BIG props to Louie and Kelly. Southern Vt training gets it done.