Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowstorms and 900s

Finally a photo!  This one says it all for today, dumping snow.  Randall Stacy navigating the pipe, using the force.  Most of the crew went to Breck to watch qualifiers where they were treated to shredding by Joe, James and Lizzy.  All 3 landed 9s in their runs (Lizzy's first 9 in a comp I believe).  Liz made the cut, but the guys quals were cancelled due to snow.  Too bad because James was on fire!  Big airs, McTwist, and a smooth 9.
Randall, Tikos, Emily P, and I headed to Copper to continue the park/pipe laps.  Emily hung tough with the guys and was landing slope 360s, front boardslides and switchstance box tricks.  She remains hungry and probably does not want to go home (although she talks about Marianne and Brain quite a bit).
Steak wrapped in bacon for diner, then Rick and I got to go skate at one of our old friends houses (killer because I had not skated in a week).  
Inspired by Dave Redden's 7 backflips back home yesterday I attempted 2 cripplers and a backflip myself.  Inspiration does not always triumph cus all I got was a swollen hip and a bruised ego.....

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