Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pipe Training Postponed Today.

Yesterdays pipe training was again highly productive and all star filled. We split dryland training with a skate session at woodward where our underclassmen were joined by Rick and the junior/senior skaters. The rest of us did gym work here with me at the Copper Athletic Center or the Breck Athletic Club with Scott.
Today was another story. Due to another fresh six inches of snow and snow falling all day long the pipe was put on hold except for the obvious flip sesh. The mountain is beginning to open new terrain and the team attacked the various terrain and trees with great enthusiasm. Free-riding is a always an important element of training and the weather sometimes makes that choice for us .
The other important highlight to note is that today is day two of the Ross Powers coaching Era. To say it has been seamless doesn't address how well Ross has fit in. Every athlete and every coach here is appreciating Ross' riding and demeaner. I for one hope he can make it a permanent gig. Obviously a Halfpipe Gold Medalist is a boon to any staff. The depth of what it really means can only be understood this way: our athletes are training with one of the very few Great Snowboarders on the planet today. I hope everyone gets a chance to see what the kids are going to see more and more of.
Im going to get booted off the internet here shortly so, enjoy the pictures and tune in tomorrow.

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