Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Peace and Snow To You

While our elder team-mates continued their Colorado shred tour of training and competing among the worlds elite of the Shred World, the underclass finished out the quarter at home. Three days on snow...DayOne on crushed granular: the lips held (not) together like dry sand, killed it with switchy mixes. DayTwo on 4-5 inches of dry pow: the moisture held the granular together underneath the fresh, killed it with flips over tables for every pro-am and multiple spins for every dev kid. DayThree on the seemingly private corduroy rebuild of Carinthia Park and the new "Gulch" goes: big down rail, newly dialed-with-pop 1st jump, bomb the landing to first successful east coast step up and it begins as (high speed bs 180?) the scariest soft landing going- get yer head around that and you have just learned something and closely followed by the single feature that is three jumps in rhythm going boom boom boom. So small (think tyrolean) and yet so tight that again you are wrapping your head around something very new or you are feeling what you lack quite clearly as you choose between a short length of fat propane on the left, a tall skinny trap box in the middle or the 12 inch wide flat down on the right and then the familiar but not quite triple line of yore but the first table now doubles as a hip contraption and the bottom two are uppity thirty five foot plus tables. Im pretty sure there are jibs all over the place that I was not bonking or watching as I was busy wrapping my head around and watching our crew wrap it's collective shred consciousness around the bussiness end of this shreducational extravaganza. Dizzy with bizzy. If you are putting something deliberate down on every feature of this park your mind is in screaming expansion like J Edgar Hoover at a burning man festival. (He would never find his shoes again.)
So did we kill it ? Perles sevens almost did and his nose presses should have and would have on any other occasion perhaps. And Tierney's method is the prettiest thing since olympic peninsula rhododendrens in june but Hunter broke his helmet in half...almost but no kill. It still stands. And it is gathering power daily. I did eleven laps on the other park by myself in the powder sunday just to be ready for our return. I will need help just to survive. Godspeed for your return.

Mallon just this morning forwarded the Dew tour results. Danny Davis and Louie Vito have now won the first two major pipe contests in the world of men's snowboarding for the season. Couple (triple?)the fact of these wins with our great camp out west, and our extremely promising season begun at home and take stock of our community at holiday time. To every Parent, Athlete, Coach, Faculty Member, Friend, Inspiritors known and secret and every Mtn Shredder smiling away out there: Thanks for the universe. Without all of you we would never be able to live the life we are living.

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