Wednesday, December 17, 2008

James is amazing

Eric B made it into the Dew Tour off the wait list and rode in qualifiers this morning.  I saw the footage and he held his own riding large jumps with top pros.  We are not sure if he made the cut yet, Rick is at riders meeting now.  Either way, he made us all proud and stayed safe.  Alex and Jen had practice which sounds like it went well.  Rick is working hard, sunup to sundown.
I had a similar program today, progression session with the girls in the morning, jump to tree bonk filming session before lunch, box filming with Mattice, India, Erik, Tikos and Randall from one to two, and a pipe session with James and Joe from two to three.  James was attempting back nines, seven feet out of the pipe.  He is so close, tomorrow might be the day.  
Simpson girls are getting pretty tech on the box line, and developing good ollie pops.  The crew of Emily, Lena, India and Simpsons are so fun to ride with!  Shelb backside three off a trail jump today, one of my trip highlights.  Erik, Randall, Tikos and Mattice are finding great natural features and pushing each other, what a crew.
Sorry bout the lack of photos on the blog, as I don't have my own computer I have been using a different one each night, and they don't have my software.  I have been filming  a ton though and as of now I believe I have roughly 100 usable clips.  A few kids have already put together trip videos.  
Cross your fingers for Eric B making the cut and wish Alex, Jen, Ellery and Lizzy luck in the upcoming days of Dew Tour.

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Props to Ian and Dave for excellent blogging. Great to hear how everyone is doing.